︎︎︎ Slowhand Brewing Co

This was a concept that was done in order to take an existing brand and recreate its branding. The goal was to embody the essence of the brands handcrafted spirit through the utilization of handcrafted bled typographic elements and illustrations in the rebranding. Making the overall logo more readable and bringing more of a focus to the minimal can design with a handcrafted sticker look and metallic finish. Bringing forth the house within the main logo from the original and also using it more within other elements serving as a stage for the minimal handcrafted feel of this brewery with humble beginnings and a great community based presence.   

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︎︎︎Slowhand Brewing Co  

This was a concept rebranding. Building a complete brand identity/strategie was the goal in order to showcase a wide array of capabilities of the conceptualized rebranding.    

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